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Jude Scott FOLDED NIB PEN- Want to make exquisite marks using watercolour or inks? These handcrafted pens produce wonderful marks! For raggedy edges, chattering and for wild slashes of colour! Hold loads of watercolour and inks.

Cost $59 free freight Australia, includes tracking

Jude Scott Folded Nib Pen with aluminium nib on handpainted handle length18cms


Made from natural bristles to hold loads of watercolour with the perfect tip! Large and small size have wooden handles, medium size has a bamboo handle.

Cost: Large-$30



Set of 3 for  $80 free freight Australia,

includes tracking

Jude Scott preferred brush set.
 Easels for Artists

 Need an easel for your artwork?

Thrilled to share with you information about this easel, now in my shop for sale if you are needing a great easel proudly made in Australia.


This is the result of a 4 year design project and I love just love my easel!

When set up and ready to paint, clip or tape your paper onto a waterproof backing board. I use 2mm Corflute. (Coreflute is like a plastic cardboard super light and very rigid from Bunnings)

I then clip this Coreflute board onto the upper section of the ease.

So light, simple and uncomplicated.

If you prefer to use a watercolour pad or are painting on a canvas, just clamp them onto the upper section of the easel.

When travelling, sandwich you papers between 2 sheets of Coreflute 32 x 42 cms and then clip the two easel panels onto the outside of the 'sandwich' and pack in your back pack and you are good to go!

  • Excellent quality tripod with self adjusting feet for all terrain.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Adjust legs to 3 different heights, add extra height using the winder handle to suit your individual needs.

  • Designed by an artist.

  • Lightweight-2kgs including the carry bag!

  • Watercontainer cutout to hold any size tapered coffee cup etc

  • Holes for different sized brushes.

  • Room on paint tray for palette.

  • Tripod has carry bag with shoulder strap.

  • Sturdy aluminium bonded  backing board and paint tray.

  • Quality tripod with  3 levels of height adjustment.

  • Use sitting down.

  • Use standing up.

  • Use on tablle, great for demonstrating.

  • Winder handle to lower or raise the painting backing board surface.

  • Adjustable angle of painting surface from horizontal to vertical.

  • Suitable watercolour/acrylic and oils on board or narrow edged canvas.

  • Backing board and painting tray will fit in back pack.

  • Simply clip your pad onto the backing board when painting. If using paper, tape or clip your sheet of  paper onto waterproof CoreFlute or a similar backing board and and clip onto easel.

  • Can take up to a full sheet  (76 x 56 cms) paper when paper is taped onto rigid Coreflute or similar.

  • Backing board measures 41x30 cms or 16 x 12 inches.

  • Paint tray measures 40x 30 cms or 15.75 x 12 inches.

  • Tripod measures 51cms long or 20inches.

  • Fits into  back pack or  small suitcase for when travelling.

JUde Scott Artists Easel.Use as a table top easel, shortest setting...JPG

Use as a table top easel.

Jude Scott Easel - vary height for sitting and painting.

Adjust height easily for seated

plein air!

Jude scott easel for artists-fully adjustable height from desktop to sitting and painting or standing. Designed by an artist for artists. Quality materials and weighs 2kgs, perfect for taking on your next artistic adventure
Painting surface horizontal for painting flat..JPG

Adjusts to your preferred

height when standing to paint.

Painting surface can be adjusted easily to suit your preferred angle from

horizontal to vertical!

  • Cost AU$205 plus postage within Australia including insurance and tracking AU$40. International postage can quote.

  • .Please contact me if interested  for more details:

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