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My deep love of the natural world  is the  source of my inspiration. 

I love the vast horizons and wide open spaces of  the Australian landscape, the unique clarity of our  light drenched landscapes, uncluttered by any signs of industry.

I am drawn to paint watercolour florals, their  vibrant colours and exquisite shapes are perfect for this medium;.

 Fascinating faces are also compelling to be mapped out and unfold as I put brush to paper painting figurative works.

Faces are not unlike a landscape for me,  both being shaped by the elements and  time. 

I invite  the viewer to connect with my vision of beauty in the natural world in the form of landscapes, florals and figurative work. 

Jude Scott (4).JPG
Birds of Paradise-38 x 56 cms-watercolou
Tranquil Waters-28 x 38 cms-watercolour-
Arbour-Jude Scott -Watercolour-28x 38 cm
Wrens n Wattle II-Jude Scott-Watercolour
Symphony in Blue-watercolour on Aluminiu
Morning Light-64x85 cms-watercolour on a
Purple Haze-38 x 56 cms-watercolour-jude

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Live YouTube Zoom Meeting with


7th June 2021


I was honoured  to be invited to showcase my artworks in my studio and chat about art with Anna Massinissa in Italy, Wyn Vogel the Australian Representative for Fabriano and  Ferie Taylor from Brisbane,  Richard Chao in Sydney and Julian Bruere in Melbourne.  This will be another very successful International Exhibition and platform for watercolour.


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