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My deep love of the natural world  is the  source of my inspiration. 
Whether a landscape, an exquisite flower or a fascinating face.
The vast horizons and wide open spaces of Australia with the unique clarity of our  light drenched landscapes, uncluttered by any signs of industry or human intervention are an invitation to put brush to paper.
Flowers provide an irresistible  subject, for surely they are nature's way of decorating our daily lives, with rich, vibrant colours and exquisite shapes- what's not to love! Combining the exquisite colours and textures of florals is pure joy for me.
Faces are always provide such an intriguing subject.
I love the painting process as I put brush to paper or canvas, mapping out the contours of a face, for me there are parallels to painting a landscape - and both have been shaped by the elements and time.


My YouTube Channel with free tutorials is:

Also see Fabrianoinacquerello Australian zoom meeting

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