Australian Artist

My deep love of the natural world  is the  source of my inspiration. 

I love the vast horizons and wide open spaces of  the Australian landscape, the unique clarity of our  light drenched landscapes, uncluttered by any signs of industry.

I am drawn to paint watercolour florals, their  vibrant colours and exquisite shapes are perfect for this medium;.

 Fascinating faces are also compelling to be mapped out and unfold as I put brush to paper painting figurative works.

Faces are not unlike a landscape for me,  both being shaped by the elements and  time. 

I invite  the viewer to connect with my vision of beauty in the natural world in the form of landscapes, florals and figurative work. 

Jude Scott (4).JPG
Birds of Paradise-38 x 56 cms-watercolou
Tranquil Waters-28 x 38 cms-watercolour-

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