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Jude Scott is an award winning artist who was born in Perth, Western Australia and has studied painting in oils, watercolour and drawing with professional tutors and artists in Western Australia, New South Wales and China.

Jude specializes in watercolour, drawn to the medium because of the diverse nature of watercolour. “Watercolour is such a beautiful and expressive medium to use, it can be powerful and bold or delicate and transparent, it is a medium that can also produce exquisite textures that never fail to fascinate me.  I find inspiration from a diverse range of subjects and always love a fresh challenge. Favourite subjects are serene landscapes, vibrant floral works and intriguing faces, “says Jude.

Jude is a popular teacher, demonstrator and a workshop tutor in rural W.A. and in Perth, running  classes in her Canning Vale studio. Jude tutors workshops on demand for small or large groups, art societies and interest groups throughout the year.

A passionate traveller, Jude also tutors international workshops, coming up  in 2020 these will be:

The Bali Art Workshop, 8-15 July 2020

 please see:

A Painting Holiday in the French Pyrenees at Clos Mirabel Jurancon,Pau 19-26th September or 26th-3rd October 2020

please see  and email the hosts Ann or Rachel for more details  at 

The  Watermill in Posaro Tuscany, Italy 18th-25th September 2021 

for more details or contact hosts Lois and Bill Breckon see:

Watch my Youtube Watercolour Channel  - please click on the links below.

Tasmanian Landscape-How to Add rocks to a riverscape.

How to Paint  Eyes for a Dog Portrait.- 

How to Start a Portrait- 'The Italian'-38 x 27 cms Holbein watercolor.

How to finish the Background in a Portrait-'The Italian'-38x27 cms Holbein watercolor

Cadel-76x56cms-Watercolour-Jude Scott

Cadel-Watercolour-76x56cms-Jude Scott 


Riverside-Watercolour-38x19cms-Jude Scott

Riverside-Watercolour-38x19cms-Jude Scott


Tokyo Roses-Watercolour-56x38cms-Jude Scott

Tokyo Roses-Watercolour-56x38cms-Jude Scott


Just Joey-Watercolour-56x38 cms-Jude Scott

Just Joey-Watercolour-56x38cms-Jude Scott

This painting has been chosen as one of 13 paintings to represent Australia in the juried Fabriano International Watercolour Exhibition, Italy in May 2018.


My Favourite Things VI-watercolour -56x38 cms-Jude Scott.

Italian Watercolour Society exhibition, the Museo-Valle International Watercolour Exhibition, Maccagno, Lake Maggio, Italy, June 2018.

Roses III-watercolour-56 x 38 cms, exhibition at the Juried 21st  ECWS European Watercolour Exhibition and Symposium, Cracow, Poland in September 2018.

Desert Hues-Watercolour-38x56cms-Jude Scott

Rivergums-Watercolour-38x56cms-Jude Scott


Emma Gorge-Oils-95x85cms-Jude Scott



Bushland Hues-76x56 cms-watercolour-Jude Scott- sold

Tones of Autumn-76x56 cms-watercolour-Jude Scott

Forest Pathway-watercolour-76x56cms-Jude Scott-sold

Misty Boranup-76x56cms-watercolour-Jude Scott-sold

Wilpena-76x56cms-watercolour-Jude Scott

Whisper of Cool-watercolour-76x56cms-Jude Scott-sold

Top to Bottom

Mr Lincoln--56x38cms-Watercolour-Jude Scott- sold

Spring in a Jar-56x38 cms-Watercolour - Jude Scott-sold

My Favourite Things I-56x38cms-Watercolour -Jude Scott- NFS

My Favourite Things II-56x38 cms-Watercolours - Jude Scott-sold

Delicate Delights-56x38 cms-Watercolour - Jude Scott- Sold

Orchid Drift-56x38cms-Watercolour-Jude Scott-sold