Jude Scott is an award winning  artist living in Perth, Western Australia. Specializing in  watercolour, Jude  runs regular classes and workshops in Perth,rural regions of Western Australia and overseas. Jude is passionate about watercolour and loves to promote the arts in the community and further afield.

A teacher of painting and drawing for many years Jude is branching out to new challenges and venues with exciting new workshops planned.

  There is an exciting new workshop at exotic Ubud in Bali Indonesia,  2-9th June 2018 please see www.baliartworkshops.com

A new workshop at The Watermill in Tuscany, August 2019, please see www.watermill.net/painting-holidays  has been added to  the  workshop lists for  2019 catering for passionate painters who want to paint while enjoying exotic and exciting surroundings  on  holiday, for more information, please see the  Workshops and Events page of this website.

Cadel-76x56cms-Watercolour-Jude Scott

Cadel-Watercolour-76x56cms-Jude Scott 


Riverside-Watercolour-38x19cms-Jude Scott

Riverside-Watercolour-38x19cms-Jude Scott


Tokyo Roses-Watercolour-56x38cms-Jude Scott

Tokyo Roses-Watercolour-56x38cms-Jude Scott


Just Joey-Watercolour-56x38 cms-Jude Scott

Just Joey-Watercolour-56x38cms-Jude Scott

This painting has been chosen as one of 13 paintings to represent Australia in the juried Fabriano International Watercolour Exhibition, Italy in May 2018.

My Favourite Things VI-watercolour -56x38 cms-Jude Scott.

This paintinghas just gained juried entry into the Italian Watercolour Society exhibtion, the Museo-Valle International Watercolour Exhibition, Maccagno,Lake Maggio, Italy, June2018.


Roses III-watercolour-56 x 38 cms  has been accepted into the Juried 21st  ECWS European Watercolour Exhibition and Symposium, Cracow, Poland in September 2018.

Desert Hues-Watercolour-38x56cms-Jude Scott

Rivergums-Watercolour-38x56cms-Jude Scott


Emma Gorge-Oils-95x85cms-Jude Scott



Bushland Hues-76x56 cms-watercolour-Jude Scott

Tones of Autumn-76x56 cms-watercolour-Jude Scott

Forest Pathway-watercolour-76x56cms-Jude Scott-sold

Misty Boranup-76x56cms-watercolour-Jude Scott-sold

Wilpena-76x56cms-watercolour-Jude Scott

Whisper of Cool-watercolour-76x56cms-Jude Scott-sold

Left to right:

Mr Lincoln--56x38cms-Watercolour-Jude Scott- sold

Spring in a Jar-56x38 cms-Watercolour - Jude Scott-sold

My Favourite Things I-56x38cms-Watercolour -Jude Scott- sold

My Favourite Things II-56x38 cms-Watercolours - Jude Scott-sold

Delicte Delights-56x38 cms-Watercolour - Jude Scott

Orchid Drift-56x38cms-Watercolour-Jude Scott-sold