JUDE SCOTT is a watercolour artist residing in Perth, Western Australia.

'I have loved creating for as long as I remember.

Everything  I have learnt along the way through  simple observation, travel and lessons in life seem to have all filtered through, stayed with me  to form a basis for what I now draw from to create with watercolor on paper.

I am a passionate advocate for watercolor and for me it is the perfect medium.

The simplicity of watercolor with it's ability to create beautiful diverse visual textures, delicate nuances with tones and layers of fresh transparent color or powerful and dark and moody washes. I was hooked from the first watercolor exhibition I ever saw.

I have a love of sharing with  others who want to be involved with the whole process of creating through drawing, design, composition and painting in watercolor. I create my work in  the  studio situated in our sprawling garden, here I  teach regular classes and  workshops on demand in Perth, rural Western Australia and international venues in Tuscany, Italy and  and the French Pyrenees.

Floral Works: 





Cool Waters-38 x 56 cms-Jude Scott

Watercolor tutorial-

YouTube , click the link


Just for You-38 x 56 cms-Jude Scott

Watercolor Tutorial-

YouTube ,click the link


Discovery-38 x 56 cms-Jude Scott

Watercolor in four stages-

YouTube, click the link,


Wind and Time-38 x 56 cms-Jude Scott

Watercolour four stages-

 YouTube, click the link



'White Roses ' watercolor-38 x 56 cms -Jude Scott

Watercolor Tutorial- YouTube-click the link


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